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Macrobiotic Healing

"The Origin of Human Life is Food. Though We Take Many Wonderful Medicines, We Cannot Survive Without Eating; Humanity's True, Wonderful, Medicine is Food."
Namboku Mizuno

Macrobiotics is a very healthy way of eating and living that brings balance to the body, mind and spirit. It does this by choosing foods that are the most balanced nutritionally and energetically for the human body. As a result, when we eat in this manner, we have fewer extreme inputs, and therefore fewer stressors, on our bodies. With less stress, we are able to create greater physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance, which brings vitality, strength and peace in every area of our life.

Nutritionally, Macrobiotics is based on a 1:7 ratio of minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Energetically, Macrobiotics balances foods that are warming and cooling, based on our personal health condition and where we live – our environment.

Food, then, is seen as a tool to help us achieve our highest potential through helping us create a life of greater health, happiness and peace.

The beauty of Macrobiotics is its flexibility – the foods and principles can be easily adapted into any diet or lifestyle.


Spiral of Life


Macrobiotics understands and explains the spiral of life. Macrobiotics is founded in the ancient and scientific understanding that Everything Is Energy, that all energy systems, all healing, personal growth, lasting empowerment and true success, move in spirals.  An upward spiral is ongoing personal growth, abundance and prosperity. . . it is the path to achieving our highest potential.  Whether it is a biological system, immune system, psychological system, ecosystem, economic system or political system, all systems fundamentally move in spirals.The Apona Healing Method works with these ancient principles to support clients in achieving the results they desire, in the most efficient and effective way. Life is always easier when we are in alignment with the universe itself.

"Peace begins in the kitchens and pantries, gardens and backyards, where our food is grown and prepared. The energies of nature and the infinite universe are absorbed through the foods we eat and are transmuted into our thoughts and actions"
Michio Kushi, Macrobiotic Forefather

One Peaceful World

The ultimate goal of macrobiotics is to create One Peaceful World through each individual achieving inner peace. This can be accomplished through The Apona Healing Method, which supports the process to Being Centered, Connected and Conscious. As humanity evolves from homo sapiens into homo spiritus, humans' role as stewards of the planet will be embraced by conscious leaders who honour life. The Apona Healing Method utilizes the ancient principles of macrobiotics, including Lidia's
Capacity Principle™, to support and empower the conscious leaders of the planet.



Macrobiotics not only recognizes that we are what we eat, it also understands that we are our environment.This applies not only to our present influences, but also to our past and evolutionary influences. So we can say that Macrobiotics is based on the three E's— Energy, Environment and Evolution. By truly understanding, and bringing into balance, these three factors of Human Being, the body aligns itself, cleanses, detoxifies, repairs and strengthens, returning to its natural state. Health and Happiness are our Birthright. This is Our Common Heritage. The body and spirit are always trying to return to this natural, whole state. With the right tools and information, applied in the right way, Mother Nature is able to blossom and shine!

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