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Health Is Your Greatest Asset


"If You Valued and Honoured Your Health, Like Your Most Prized Possession . . . What Would That Do For You?” - Lidia Kuleshnyk, Lady Apona


This is a question I often ask clients who want to manage their energy and stress, master their inner power, and create their highest state of health. Because to achieve your dreams and goals, to truly step into your power, your greatest foundation is your health.

You have one body. With that single awareness, the body should be considered sacred. Your body is the physical vessel for your mind, emotions, and soul. How the mind affects the body is often discussed. But remembering the ancient Universal Principles, in my Apona Healing Method below, will guide you to a greater awareness that the state of your physical body also influences all aspects of who you are, the Oneness of your own state of being:

  • “Everything Is Energy”

  • Everything That Has A Front, Has A Back, The Bigger The Front, The Bigger The Back”

  • "You Are Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link”

  • “Energy Never Lies, You Can’t Fool Mother Nature”

Have you reflected on the quote above? What first thought, or insight, come to mind? Please take a moment to write it down. Your first thought and insight is the gateway to your deeper relationship with yourself, your unique way of doing and being, of living life in your own time, in your own way.

The notion that we would invest more time, energy, and money into our health, than any other asset, is still quite revolutionary. Gratefully, I decided to do this in my youth. I learned to value my health as my greatest asset because my physical health was my greatest challenge. At the age of 10, I sold cucumbers from my garden, at the side of the road, for 5 cents each, to earn money to buy supplements. At 15, I accepted 2 job offers at $2.45/hour ( the minimum wage back then) so I could have the financial freedom to make my own choices about how to heal myself. My health became my most prized possession.

Today, at 57, I have amazing health. . . no degenerative or chronic health conditions, no medications, I can outwork most young men on my sanctuary farm, and I had no menopause symptoms at all! The high frequency of my physical vessel is helping me create balanced emotions, a clear mind with an evolving spiritual connection, and inner knowing. My physical vessel provides the landscape for me to evolve and access my greatest power.

The incredible security that true lasting health creates is far beyond any other type of investment or asset. Because no matter what happens in your life, you have the inner knowing, the personal power, of how to create and maintain your health and your future. And that. . . is priceless.

Will you accept the degeneration of your health as you age, or when challenges arise? Are you willing to lose the quality of your life, your life’s work, or even your life? Or will you value and honour your health as your most prized possession, and create your most beautiful future?

I am here to support you with H.E.L.P. ...





For a deep dive into how Ancient Universal Principles can help you stop “overthinking”, move beyond mindset and master alignment of your body-mind-soul, check out my High Performance Wellness Coaching HERE.

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