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Living in Flow

Updated: Sep 20, 2022


"It Takes Courage To Heal Oneself" - Lidia Kuleshnyk, Lady Apona


In macrobiotic philosophy, courage is recognized as a genuine interest in life, a willingness to embrace the adventure of this Earth Walk. . . your passion. We call this stepping into your power. Courage is related to the function of the kidneys. Weak kidneys keep you trapped in low energy and fear. Strong kidneys activate your strength through your passion to live, love, and grow. The energetic oneness of mind-body-spirit flows from every organ and system to your consciousness, and your consciousness flows to every aspect of your being. The Ancient Universal Principle “Everything Is Energy” always applies.

Living in flow is something that has been taught in Taoism and ancient universal principles. “Getting out of your own way” is now recognized as a positive quality, an important aspect of creating flow in your life and living without attachment. Self-blame is being replaced with self-responsibility. Non-attachment is not the same as detachment. Detachment comes from intellectual control, denial, and repression, which can lead to discontent, struggle, and dis-ease. Non-attachment comes from allowance, surrender, and trust, the release of the intellect into an expanded connection to the greater power that already exists within you.

Dissolving into the oneness of your mind-body-spirit creates a visceral experience, a natural flow of deeper connection to the oneness of life itself. You begin to feel the natural rhythms and cycles of your being, the pulse of your own energy. You become familiar with how you feel and who you are. You begin to trust yourself. This inner state of feeling more centered, connected and conscious. . . the mastery of your inner knowing. . . cultivates a feeling of security. You become the safety, the stability you are seeking in the outside world. When you feel secure and safe within, you embrace growth, respect the uncertainty of life and release fear.

Living in flow aligns you with the essence of the universe, the source of your infinite power. The Ancient Universal Principle “Everything Changes (aka Change Is The Constant Of The Universe)” reminds you of the importance of feeling secure so you can allow energy to flow and support your own growth.

Courage is a natural quality when we are in flow. It does not mean you have to take a giant leap into the deep end, with no skills or awareness, and “throw caution to the wind”. Courage can be experienced with simple steps in the right direction, so you evolve in your own time and in your way. To stay in flow and live with courage, ask yourself the following questions:

“Am I moving forward in life?"

"Am I accomplishing what is important to me?"

"How am I feeling about my relationship with myself and my life?"

"How can I best apply my passion and gifts?”

If you would like to live with more courage and flow, you don’t have to do it alone.

I am here to support you with H.E.L.P. ...





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