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Meet Lidia

" A Miracle Is Mother Nature

  Coming Into Balance."

Lidia Kuleshnyk

Lidia is the author of international best selling books

Lidia Kuleshnyk, B.Sc., M.E.S., is a Chronic Health Specialist and creator of the Chronic Health Breakthrough Program™, a healing program to help overworked, stressed-out, high achieving men and women resolve their chronic health conditions and achieve their health and wealth potential.

In private practice since 1997 as a Health and Energy Coach, Lidia helps men and women who are frustrated and depleted get grounded and energized so they can Reclaim Their Health, Regain Their Energy and Refine Their Power.  
Lidia supports clients with chronic illness including anxiety, arthritis, auto-immune conditions, cancer, concussions/brain injuries, COPD, digestive conditions, heart and stroke conditions, stress, pain, and injuries.  Lidia's passion for healing is activating the energetic potential of her clients so they feel empowered to heal and achieve their highest quality life.

Lidia is the creator of The Apona Healing Method™, The "Turn Stress Into Success : 3 Steps to Regain Your Energy and Reclaim Your Power™" Program and "The Capacity Principle™" of Conscious Leadership and Success.

What Lidia is most passionate about is empowering conscious leaders to feel secure and confident in their knowing that they can turn any crisis or situation into success and activate human potential to Turn Lead Into Gold...
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You have the power to heal your chronic health conditions.


Lidia discusses healing and self-empowerment in her best-selling anthology "25 Tools For Goddesses".

                                   Programs Offered:

Chronic Health Breakthrough™ Program

Turn Stress Into Success : 3 Steps to Regain Your Energy and Reclaim Your Power™"

Hidden Buddha: The Journey of Self-Discovery™
Ancient Healing Foods: For Health, Recovery and Timeless Beauty™

Services available on-line and in Toronto and Rideau Lakes, Ontario, Canada

Lidia is the owner of The Hidden Buddha Healing Center, where she offers Apona Healing Method Sessions and hosts Healing Retreats for men, women and horses. Lidia has been caring for unwanted, senior and special needs horses for 19 years. Lidia has created The Apona Healing Ranch where horses live out their lives with unconditional love and peace, and are given the opportunity to shine their light as healers for humans and the world, in the "Pillars of Light" Equine Healing Retreats.   



Lidia's soul mission is The Apona Healing Initiative™: Uniting Humans and Horses In Love™, a Movement for Planetary Peace through the Healing of the Human Heart.


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