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Doug Marks, CEO, A.D. Marks and Associates Inc.

Full Testimonial: 

Doug’s Healing Journey Out of Chronic Addictions, Fear, Anxiety Into A New Life of Fulfilment, Stability and Peace.

Beginning in 2009

“For the past year and a half, I have been working with Lidia in healing long-term addictions (45 years) to several substances, including cigarettes and alcohol. This journey of healing and self-discovery has been more difficult than I had ever imagined, and I don't think I could have found my way through it without the support and guidance of Lidia. Lidia not only has a deep understanding and knowledge of the process of healing, which has been incredibly helpful, but she also has a high level of compassion and respect for who I am and my experiences. I feel I can tell Lidia anything and she never judges me. I have always felt safe and extremely comfortable in my sessions with Lidia, and in my darkest moments, she has made me laugh and helped me understand that I am, in fact, "right-on-track" as she likes to say. While Lidia always says that I am the one healing myself, Lidia has been a primary instrument in my healing, and I consider her to be my Master Counsellor and Coach. I am very grateful to Lidia for all that she offers and for who she is, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

 Continuing in 2013

“It has been two years since I shared my experiences above, and I continue to be amazed at Lidia's incredible insight as a Counsellor and Coach.. Lidia is so very astute. Two years later, I am now Light Years away from where I was. I am continuing to realize the depth of Lidia's awareness of my experiences. Lidia always said I would make it through my "Dark Night of the Soul" and arrive in the Light at the other side. And I have arrived, living with true inner peace, without fear and anxiety, for the first time in my life. Lidia always explained to me that I was in a powerful process of transformation. When I was in the midst of the process, and could only see the dark, it was life and death. But Lidia never left my side and always showed me the way back to the Light. Lidia is a true Blessing to Humanity. Thank You Lidia.”

Jane R., Toronto, Ontario, July 2019

Full Testimonial: 

Jane's Journey From Family Health Crisis to Healing As A Lifestyle.

“If you want the best, contact Lidia” is how we were referred to Lidia, 5.5 years ago, when our family was faced with a health crisis. Lidia led us through our healing journey in a masterful way with incredible results, utilizing her Method of Reiki, Coaching and Macrobiotic Healing Foods. Healing with Lidia has been transformative for our family. Lidia remains in our life as a friend and consultant. Reiki and Coaching have become a foundation of how we live our healthiest, best life. Lidia has helped our family shift from crisis healing to adopt the paradigm of “healing as a lifestyle”. . . for this we are ever grateful. We have used Reiki, Coaching and Macrobiotic Healing Foods/Remedies, to help us manage the following health and life challenges:


Cancer - dissolving tumours, managing impact of chemotherapy on body systems
Spiritual growth
Grief "


Lenir S., Toronto, Ontario 2016

Full Testimonial: 

Lenir's Healing Journey from Cancer Diagnosis to Lasting Empowerment.

"My story is about being declared cancer free by both medical tests and exams results  within a two-month period from the beginning of the implementation of the macrobiotic and reiki protocols.


Despite my early days of confusion, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, I knew deep down, I was going to seek an integrative health treatment. In inviting Lidia to treat my post-operatory breast cancer condition, I was inviting a special someone to trail a new health path with me by focusing on my being, as a whole.


I still can hear Lidia saying: “Cancer is just an imbalance in the health system.” Oh, I needed to hear that message of hope for the healing possibilities it held! I knew that Lidia was speaking about treating the person (me), not the disease; and that the treatment would focus on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of me as a person who was meant to be healthy and happy.


My health plan included macrobiotic and reiki treatments. The macrobiotic diet detoxified, strengthened and supported my whole being simultaneously by stabilizing its foundation and working deeply in the cells. I knew that both macrobiotics and reiki treatments were the right choice when I kept on witnessing the benefits I started experiencing, which were amazingly immediate and great. The positive physical changes included my healthy weight loss and improvement in the areas of sleep, circulation and digestion that contributed for my overall rejuvenated appearance. These changes gave me a psychological and emotional lift that renewed a fighting spirit in me.


I believe the achievement of the amazing and miraculous result of being cancer free in such a short amount of time was a result of the integrative health treatment that connected my mind and body. I embraced the treatment plan, which was enhanced by a trusting therapeutic relationship with Lidia. This integrative approach allowed the natural healing force to boost my immune system to regain the vitality it needed: The nutritional way changed the balanced of my system back toward normal growth and reiki balanced the life force energy within my being. That is how much macrobiotics and reiki have healed and positively transformed me!"

Mike Bradley, CEO,
Founder of Woodfield True Nature Campus

Full Testimonial: 

“I was introduced through a very close friend who highly recommended Lidia for healing. In my journey I’ve been experiencing living with cancer for the past 12 years. I decided at the very start of this chapter to approach my dis-ease as an imbalance and to heal using natural healing methods. Lidia has been a wonderful pillar on this journey.


Her care and compassion for me has been outstanding. I know that her life’s mission is to share her talents & skills to help others heal in a deep meaningful manner. Lidia is a master of Reiki energy healing and I have seen wonderful progress towards my total healing with her assistance. She is there as a support and coach to review my health/well-being ideas and goals and provides excellent counsel and encouragement in the pursuit and realisation of them. As well as the energy healing that Lidia capably applies she also has a depth of understanding on the use of Nutrition to assist in someone’s total healing.


To sum up, I would enthusiastically give Lidia a big thumbs up to anyone who is committed to raising their energy and life-force and I would without hesitation recommend her as part of a healing team if one is confronted with any type of dis-ease”


MIRIAM pic - Lidia testimonial.jpg
Miriam D., Toronto, Ontario,
January 2020

Full Testimonial: 

"I met Lidia at a time in my life when I was diagnosed with a terminal illness. I immediately found working with Lidia was the right fit. Reiki had immediate benefits, making me feel physically, mentally and spiritually stronger. Lidia’s pure dedication to helping others heal and move forward has become more evident over the past 8 years I have been working with her.

Lidia is just an amazing, kind, compassionate and caring person who made me feel at ease from the word go. She has a special gift from the universe in her healing abilities. She listens to me, her words are supportive, I can open up easily and her healing is immediate for me. Through her wise words and guidance, I have been able to access another level of myself which I never knew existed. 

Lidia,  I am ever so grateful that the Universe led me to you and it is of great comfort to know that I can turn to you for guidance to continue evolving in my physical healing, emotional and spiritual path. I look forward to working with you as my journey continues.

Thank you Lidia. Your are an angel and a shining star for so many people."


JANET MARSH - Lidia testimonial.jpg
Janet Marsh,
Mother of 4, Grandmother of 13
A member of the garden Club of Toronto and a Judge of Floral Design and Horticulture

Full Testimonial: 

“Reiki with Lidia is a most amazing experience.

 For the past 25  years, I’ve been living with osteoarthritis and for the past 5 years I’ve been treated for polymyalgia rheumatic (an auto-immune condition).

 I cannot believe that my neck feels “normal” now. I have severe arthritis in my neck and was told that I had a long neck and would have to live with the pain – it always felt sore and stiff. That pain has disappeared completely. I have had 2 hip replacements and one hip has no socket, just a cement spacer in place. Over the past few years, it was most uncomfortable and felt like I was sitting on a rock. I can hardly believe that there is no pain or discomfort in this hip now

How this has all happened is a mystery to me but I believe Lidia is a master healer.

It was through my son, Ken, who had reiki for 2 years when he was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, that I learned of Lidia. He always said that it was very relaxing. So when I got the opportunity to meet Lidia, I was lucky enough to try reiki with her and have been having sessions with her for the past 3 years.

In addition, Lidia introduced me to kukicha tea, daikon radish, miso soup, as well as tofu plasters and eddoe potato plasters."


Sander F., Toronto, ON

Full Testimonial: 

I was struggling with lingering covid symptoms last year for several weeks after testing negative.

I just couldn't shake off the respiratory symptoms of a lingering cough.

So I booked a Reiki session with Lidia and within 24 hours the symptoms were gone.

Lidia is a great healer and I am so glad I listened to my intuition.


Lidia will help you fine tune your energy to move to the next level of whatever you need to go through.  Like the old Monopoly board, Lidia is like the get out of jail quick card, everyone needs one.  God bless you Lidia for having and continuing to grace my path and many others with your wonderful and profound gifts of intuition, love and healing. 


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