Holistic Coaching

"A Great Health Coach Is Like A Great Litigation Lawyer. The Client Wins, Every Time"                  Lidia Kuleshnyk


RECLAIM Your Health
REGAIN Your Energy
REFINE Your Power

As a Health and Energy Coach, with over 25 years of professional experience, Lidia helps over-worked, stressed-out, high-achieving men and women resolve their chronic health conditions and achieve their health and wealth potential. Lidia's Apona Healing Method provides a step-by-step process to heal and achieve results in the most efficient way. Lidia guides you through the process of healing and supports you every step of the way, so you stay focused, on-track and aware of your experiences, allowing you to "own your own power". Lidia calls this Being Centered, Connected and Conscious, the 3 keys to unlocking your power to heal and achieving your mission and potential.

                                                     If You Would Like To :




                                                    If You Would Like To:




Live Your Highest Quality Life, In Any Circumstance.

 Then Lidia's Health and Energy Coaching is for you.