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Lidia is the author of award winning international best selling books
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Book Reviews
“Your entry for the Evolving on Purpose book is so beautiful and quite inspiring...and that poem about the leaves over the branches...I got goose-bumps when I read it.  I imagined that landscape, something so hauntingly beautiful about it...and of course, the entire entry was so moving.  I hope to "feel" that kind of knowing within myself.


~Grazia M.~

“Just finished reading chapter 13- your chapter in “Evolving on Purpose”.  .  .  I wanted to share with you my raw feelings. Your writing style is perfection…love it!!!  It was as if we were in the same room together. I felt so close to you on so many levels. Your thoughts, your personal healing journey, your expressions, your vision, your spirituality were so familiar to me. I was extremely emotional while reading your words. I have always loved and repeated so many of your wise expressions…it was wonderful to see them on paper. And for anyone reading your words for the first time, I am positive that every one of your thoughts would come out loud and clear. In other words, it is brilliantly written, so eloquently spoken in lucky chapter 13. I am so honoured to have you as my guide and mentor throughout my healing journey. I couldn’t have done it without you and look forward to continuing to reclaim my health, happiness and peace.  You totally taught me what it’s like to turn lead into gold and how to live a “centred-connected-conscious” life. 
Congratulations Lidia, from the bottom of my heart, for your beautiful contribution to this new book."


~Miriam D.~

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