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12 Ancient Principles


"When The Whole World Is Running Towards A Cliff, He Who Is Running In The Opposite Direction Appears To Have Lost His Mind" - C.S. Lewis


Standing firm in one's inner knowing isn't always easy. There are so many influences upon you, that it is easy to feel uncertain, overwhelmed, and confused. But this challenge is what you are here to master. Congratulations for having the courage to be living through one of the most epic times in human history. A client recently asked me, "What do I do to prepare myself for the ongoing instability in the world?" I answered: " You arrived prepared. You just have to want to uncover your own ancient wisdom and live it."

Working with ancient principles has been one of my gateways to connect with my inner knowing. As we rapidly move through this phenomenal paradigm shift, the intellectual knowing of "mastering mindset" is evolving into a spiritual knowing of "mastering self". Ancient principles are great guides to support you through any circumstance in life so that you live in alignment with your soul, not just your intellect.

Here are the 12 Ancient Principles of my Apona Healing Method, my roadmap to mastering my inner power, and my health. All you need to do is reflect on any one of these principles when you feel off-center, and your intellect will be able to hear the whispers of your soul. I highly recommend reflecting on the first 5 principles, to begin with. . . then let your intuition guide you.

1. Everything is Energy

2. Energy Never Lies. You Can’t Fool Mother Nature

3. For Every Problem, There Is A Solution

4. Everything That Happens to you, is What You Lack. All That Is Antagonistic, Unbearable, Is Complementary

5. Everything That Has a Front, Has a Back. The Bigger The Front. The Bigger The Back.

6. Everything That Has A Beginning, Has An End.

7. Everything Changes (aka Change is the Constant of The Universe)

8. There Is Nothing Identical

9. Divine Alignment, Is Divine Timing

10. You Are Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link

11. Yin and Yang Are Greater Than Willpower

12. The Capacity Principle: Know Your Limit, Live Within It

If you would like to move beyond mindset, so you can feel more secure, centered and empowered. . . you don't have to do it alone.

I am here to support you with H.E.L.P. ... Health, Energy, and Lasting Power!

To learn more about my High Performance and Wellness Coaching please check it out HERE.

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