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"Change Must Always Be Balanced With Some Degree Of Consistency"

- Ron D. Burton


Change is one of the biggest challenges for humans. We all like the feeling of familiarity, comfort, and predictability aka "security".

Unfortunately, change is a constant of the Universe. Everything, every cell in your body, is constantly changing. How you respond, and adapt, to change influences how you experience stress. One thing is for sure, stress creates resistance, an energetic wall, a heavy drag that can lead to drain, burnout, and illness.

Committing to mastering change is a great gift of empowerment to give yourself. Then you feel secure in your knowing that you have tools to manage any circumstance, even those occasions when you feel blindsided by the unexpected events of life.

Commitment is a powerful force you activate within yourself. You have to feel that you are worthy, that you value yourself enough, to commit to your highest well-being, in any circumstance.

Marry commitment with consistency and you begin to create a flow state of continuity. As your momentum of self-awareness and effective action unfolds, you gain clarity. With greater clarity, you cultivate confidence. Confidence leads to courage, the inner knowing that you can and will go forward, in the face of uncertainty.

There you have it, the key elements in mastering change and trusting yourself: commitment, consistency, continuity, clarity, confidence, and courage. Live it. Practice makes perfect. When you reflect back on your experiences, there is no doubt about the basic facts of what you have lived. You know it to be true. Nothing and no one can ever take away the inner power you create for yourself when you live something, and own it as your truth.

If you would like to release the insidious stress of the fear of change, if you would like to feel strong and empowered in the midst of life's uncertainties, I am here to support you with H.E.L.P. ...





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