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“Go Back To The Shadow. . . You. . Shall . . Not Pass”

- Gandalf facing the Balrog Demon, in Lord of the Rings⁠


Here we are. . . in 2022 . . . and congratulations! You made it this far! You came to the planet to live through these epic times. You didn’t arrive in 2022 “unprepared”. You are

ready to step into your power in a greater way. No more using your intellect to explain away anything you have been avoiding. No more excuses. If you are bored or lack meaning or purpose in your life. . . if you are not motivated to truly live. . . . then you aren’t living your soul mission. Time to get Centered-Connected-Conscious and become the Conscious Leader of your life.

As I always like to say, “you will live what you have become”. The universe will create opportunities for you to live who you now are, as you return back to your true power in greater and greater wholeness. Gandalf was given the opportunity to face the Balrog. . . because Gandalf was ready. And so are you. Sometimes we have to “meet energy with energy” as this scene from Lord of the Rings illustrates. (Click image below to watch short video)

This is considered one of the greatest scenes in film and literary history. Why? Because it reminds us of our own journey. . . how we all have a demon, aka "a big challenge", to face. . . and how sometimes we just let go of our own fear, self-protection and do the right thing. . . to help others. The demon won’t appear in all its power until you are powerful enough to destroy it. Gandalf’s heroic sacrifice to defend his friends from the demon is a sacrifice we all feel called to live, deep inside. Because deep inside, you know. . . we are One.

As Joseph Campbell explained, we are all on the hero’s journey. And while Gandalf appears to die as he battles his greatest demon. . . that demon was just initiating him into his higher self. Gandalf The Grey evolves into Gandalf The White. . . he doesn’t die at all.

What happens to Gandalf The White after this great initiation? He has zero-tolerance for “bull**it”. He doesn’t have to think about boundaries, or what to do. He knows and acts with inner ease that is his greatest power. He has mastered Taoist non-attachment. His life is so much easier now as Gandalf The White. The inner doubt, over-analyzing, self-judgement and struggle are over. As he says later on, to another dangerous adversary, "Be silent! Keep your forked tongue behind your teeth! I have not passed through fire and death to bandy crooked words with a witless worm".

It is time to evolve. . . to make a bold declaration to dissolve the barriers, send the demons back to the shadow . . . to no longer "bandy crooked words with a witless worm". It is time to live in the inner ease of your own empowerment. It is time to master your inner power.

If you are ready to get to the next level in your life, that calling of your soul that has become too heavy to carry. . . then I am here to support you with H.E.L.P.: Health, Energy and Lasting Power.

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