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Higher Perspective


"Not Being Able To Govern Events, I Govern Myself.” - Michel de Montaigne"


I am often asked, "What are you doing to keep yourself together, during these unprecedented times"? I answer, "I focus on myself, my health, my goals. I keep going, in any circumstance." I commit to living a Centered-Connected-Conscious life, with myself, by myself, for myself. Not from a place of ego, but from a place of wholeness and inner power. You can be part of romantic relationships, families, communities, and the world, and welcome support in many ways. But ultimately, it is the relationship you have with yourself that determines the quality and quantity of your life.

It is easy to get distracted, drained, and depleted. To prevent this, you must be able to discern and deflect external stressors, as well as identify and prioritize that which you truly desire and that which is truly best for you. Time lost never returns. Gossip never creates greatness. Denial never manifests growth.

In holistic coaching, we often ask the question, "What would your highest self do in this situation? ", or "What would your archetype do?" Twenty years ago, I had a brilliant friend who would seek the advice of his higher self, and his archetype, when he wasn't sure what to do. He consulted with HAL, the computer in Space Odyssey 2001! Now this may not be typical, but when you can be the observer in your life, create some "distance" from your Self with non-attachment and non-judgment (not detachment), and view your life from a "higher perspective", then new awareness, understanding, and possibilities appear. . . and viable solutions can be created.

The quest for self-mastery is the evolution into your higher states of health and power. The higher you climb, the easier your life becomes.

If you would like to get Centered-Connected-Conscious™, so you can manifest with greater ease and peace . . . in any circumstance. . . you don't have to do it alone.

I am here to support you with H.E.L.P. ... Health, Energy, and Lasting Power!

To learn more about my High Performance and Wellness Coaching please check it out HERE.

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