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Self Reflection


"Be Careful What You Ask For, You Might Just Get It" - Unknown"


This was a common expression used in my childhood. A type of "warning" to not be too greedy or selfish. As a kid, I tried to figure this out, in relation to one of my favourite books "The Power of Positive Thinking". They seemed to be contradictory. . . one stating that you can manifest your vision and live a beautiful life, the other stating that it is best to think twice about asking for what you want. But after some reflection, I realized they were not contradictory at all. . . one is advising on how to manifest from your soul, the other is warning about manifesting from your ego.

Getting clear about what you really want, is the first step in mastering manifestation. This may sound easier than it is because until recently, our culture did not cultivate connecting with your soul. One guiding question to ask yourself is "Why?". . . Why do I want to have, experience, "that"? It is worth taking a few moments to reflect on. Self-reflection does not take a lot of time and does not require any special techniques. You can reflect when you are not distracted or drained, just allowing your mind to empty, think nothing, as you stare at the wall or glance out the window, while washing the dishes or before you fall asleep. And then remember or write down the first word that comes to mind and the first sensation in your body. These are clues to guide you towards mastering your manifestation. Then you can create a mantra, or affirmation, to really align who you are, with what you want.

Aligning body-mind-spirit is a shortcut to connecting with your inner power and creating the life you truly want.

As everything moves in spirals in the universe, sometimes alignment seems to take strange twists and turns, until one day, you suddenly realize, you have been manifesting your heart's desires. . . all along!

If you would like to get Centered-Connected-Conscious™, so you can manifest from your soul, not your ego . . . you don't have to do it alone.

I am here to support you with H.E.L.P. ... Health, Energy, and Lasting Power!

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